The stove Solid horizontal steel bench stand


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Modular wood-burning horizontal stove with steel bench stand. Steel is a material which is highly appreciated for its finish: it can be worked and can combine powerful heating properties with contemporary designs. Steel is also a highly heat-resistant material that provides more intense diffusion and faster convection. The design adapts easily to all styles of interior and provides an excellent view of the fire. This modular and customizable wood-burning stove has a highly aesthetic and practical structure which also provides log storage: the log stands have been specially designed to simplify everyday life. With a high power rating, this stove is ideal for heating rooms in your home.

The stove Solid horizontal steel bench stand Technical information


  • Smoke outlet : Ø 18 cm
  • Max logs size : 50 cm

Type de contrôle de régulation

Régulation manuelle
  • Nominal output : 7 kW
  • CO Rate : 0,10%
  • Particles emission (mg/Nm3) : 30 mg/Nm3
  • Efficiency : 75,4%