Steel fireboxes

Steel closed fireboxes

Discover a wide choice of steel fireboxes and enjoy the unrivalled performance of the closed fireboxe.

Thanks to a perfect seal, you can recover over 75% of the heat produced and save energy.

Don’t wait any longer and let yourself be tempted by the wide choice of customisations: single-sided or triple-sided, with lengths ranging from 65 to 160 cm, find the fireboxe to suit you!

Selection Guide

Ambiance Plus steel fireboxes can be used to create designer, customised fireboxes , single, double or triple-sided. The steel fireplaces offer ultra-efficient combustion and ease of use thanks to our lift-up doors.


Sobriety, elegance, high-performance heating.


The construction of our steel fireboxes means that the door frames are very thin, so that they are discreet to the eye. Their brick interior, guaranteed for 10 years, stores heat and releases it over long hours. Perfectly suited to designer interiors, their double combustion makes them highly efficient appliances with the traditional look of an open fireplace.

Seguin steel fireboxex blend in discreetly and remain aesthetically close to traditional open fireboxes, with their refractory brick interior. At the same time, they deliver outstanding heating, saving and environmental performance.


Seguin FAE sealed fireboxes


With the new FAE range of sealed fireboxes, Seguin is offering even more efficient appliances. Seguin steel sealed fireboxes are perfectly suited to RT2012 or passive houses.

Using an FAE fireboxe is very comfortable if you want to heat several people in a large house. Thanks to the possibility of distributing the warm air stored in the chimney, your steel fireboxe will be ideal for you.

Your steel fireboxe will save you wood thanks to its “closed circuit” combustion. With widths ranging from 65 to 160cm, and 1 to 3 glazed sides, this wide range will add a touch of soul to your home.