Which energy ?

Wood heating, a renewable and durable energy

Contrary to fossil energies, as oil, gas and coal, wood used as a combustible is a renewable and durable energy.

Wood heating, an ecological energy

Wood remains neutral in terms of carbon emissions. It is an ecological heating solution, contributing in the reduction of CO emissions and greenhouse gases.

Wood heating, an economy of energy

With the price increase in fossil raw materials (oil and gas), wood remains the more economical heating solution.

Comparison of energies’ prices (kWh price in euro cents)
Sources :
Ministry for Ecology, energy, durable development and territory development. Indicated prices for prinicpal heating use www.industrie.gouv.fr/energie/sommaire.htm

Wood quality

Obviously, to keep the economic and ecological advantages of your heating appliance, you must bring attention to the quality of the wood.
A wet wood or of bad quality (painted, treated..) might release poison gases, and then loose its performance and environmental qualities. Your heating appliance won’t reach its technical performance (efficiency, output…) and will get dirty and damaged.
You will be guaranteed to have an efficient, environmental friendly and long lasting use if you choose to burn wood of quality (hardwood with less than 20% of moisture, preferably hornbean, oak or beech).

Flamme verte

Since 2000, Flamme Verte is a label guaranteeing the quality and the ecological performances of domestic heating appliances (French and European standards in force).
All Seguin fireboxes and stoves are eligible. Seguin Duteriez, as a signatory of the charter Flamme Verte, is demonstrating its commitment for high quality and environment-friendly products.