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Seguin wood stoves
Are you looking for a wood-burning stove for your home? Cheminée Seguin offers a wide range of models to enhance your home. Enjoy the warmth and beauty of the flame and create an environment conducive to relaxation and conviviality with Seguin wood-burning stoves. See all Seguin wood-burning stoves.

Selection Guide

Why choose a Seguin wood-burning stove?

Seguin wood-burning stoves give your home a real contemporary look while offering you a secondary or supplementary heating solution. The fine, clean lines of our wood-burning stoves blend perfectly with any type of interior, from the most classic to the most modern.


What are the differences between wood stoves, authentic stoves and pellet/wood combination stoves?

For your comfort, Seguin offers three ranges of wood-burning stoves: design, authentic and mixed.

The designer wood-burning stoves combine warmth and modernity and feature contemporary lines that will add a designer touch to your home while guaranteeing you optimum heating quality and comfort.

Looking for authenticity? Take a look at our range of wood-burning stoves with their authentic, traditional design, and enjoy the warmth of the logs through the large glass panel.

Finally, if you’re wavering between a wood-burning stove and a pellet-burning stove, choose the combination wood-burning stove. This new type of stove combines the best of both heating systems, with the warmth and design of a wood stove on the one hand, and the performance and ease of use of a pellet stove on the other. So don’t waste any more time choosing between the two, and opt for the comfort of a combined wood-burning stove!


How do I choose a wood-burning stove?


Between size, design, heating quality and price, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the wood-burning stove that best suits your needs and desires.

First of all, choose your wood-burning stove based on your heating surface, taking into account the height of the ceiling, the insulation of your home and where you live. Your heating requirements will be different if you live in the north or south of France, as one region is colder than the other.

You should also consider the energy efficiency of your wood-burning stove. The higher the efficiency, the better the combustion and the greater the energy savings.

Finally, choose a wood-burning stove that matches your decorating style. Opt for a wood-burning stove with a modern or more traditional look, depending on your interior and the style you want to bring to your space. Note, however, that to install your wood-burning stove, you’ll need to carry out some renovation work to allow the smoke to escape.


What are the advantages of heating with wood?

Opting for a Seguin wood-burning stove allows you to make savings on your heating bill. The cost of wood as a heating energy source is the lowest per kWh, so your consumption of gas, oil or electricity is greatly reduced.

Featuring the very latest innovations, and more specifically a “double combustion” system, Seguin wood-burning stoves allow the smoke from the primary combustion of wood to be re-burnt, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, Seguin wood-burning stoves reduce heat loss and increase their efficiency.


How do I maintain my wood-burning stove?

To maintain your wood-burning stove and keep it as efficient as it was in the early days, it is essential to have it swept by professionals, ideally twice a year. To complete this maintenance, we recommend that you clean the ash accumulated in your wood stove, empty and clean the ash drawer and clean the glass regularly.


Where can I find a Seguin wood-burning stove near me?

The French leader in the domestic wood energy market, Seguin wood-burning stoves are available from our many retailers in France and in 40 countries including Russia, Japan, the UK, Lebanon and Australia. Discover our different models of wood-burning stoves in our 150 retail outlets in France and on the web, and find the one that’s right for you.