Fireplaces, the soul of the home

Discover our wide choice of fireplaces, in authentic or trendy styles, to suit every taste.

More economical but also more efficient, our range of fireplaces will rekindle the flame within you.

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Fireplaces, the soul of the home

The heart and soul of the home, and the only means of heating for centuries, the fireplace has undergone many changes. Once exclusively open, today they are more often than not closed, with a fireplace or wood-burning insert. Trendy or authentic, it will add warmth to your home.


Why buy a fireplace?

Made from cast iron or steel, fireplaces and inserts improve the low efficiency of fireplaces, raising it from 20% to over 70%. In stone or wood, metal or glass, decoration and design have taken hold of this covering. Fireplaces are being rejuvenated, bringing rustic, classic and modern styles up to date. They fit more easily into contemporary interiors.

Finally, since the 1970s, design models such as the JC Bordelet have appeared, making the fireplace the heart of the home. Looking for something modern? Discover all our modern fireplaces.