Fireboxes & Inserts

The heart of your fireboxe, comfort, efficiency, pleasure of the fire

Discover a wide choice of wood-burning fireboxes and inserts to brighten up your home.

As attractive as they are economical, our wood-burning fireboxes and inserts are the solution for renovating or building your fireplace.

Whether cast iron or steel, enjoy unparalleled heating comfort and an inimitable atmosphere!

Selection Guide

Seguin closed fireboxes, 100% French manufacture.


Opting for Seguin closed fireboxces means opting for 100% French manufacturing and top-level performance (double combustion). Treat yourself to an unrivalled view of the wood fire with our glass scanning systems.

Using a fireboxe will meet your needs perfectly. If you have a large house and want to heat several rooms with your fireboxe. Thanks to the ability to distribute the warm air stored in the chimney, your fireboxe will be your best heating asset.

In addition to their finish and robustness, Seguin closed fireboxes come with a 10-year guarantee. A real pleasure to burn for years and years!


Seguin cast iron fireboxes


Cast iron fireboxes are most often used for large heating requirements. Thanks to their high output, performance and reliability, they are your best assets. The increasingly modern and designer finishes mean that they blend in perfectly with your living space and decor. Your cast iron fireboxe will also help you save on wood thanks to its high output.


Seguin steel fireboxes


Ambiance Plus” steel fireboxes are beautiful, large fireboxes for your living room. With up to 170cm of glass, the steel fireboxes have a design that will blend in perfectly with your living room and your decor. With Seguin steel fireboxes, let yourself be tempted and treat yourself to reliability combined with a trendy, modern design.