Authentic fireplaces

Heat, reliability and tradition

Do you want to keep your old fireplace or do you want to give your home an authentic style? Discover the best traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

More ecological, economical and efficient, our traditional fireplaces are sure to win you over!

Selection Guide

Traditional fireplaces for charm and authenticity

With stone as the key to our expertise for over 40 years, find the fireplace that will be the heart of your home among our range of closed hearth fireplaces.

When we think of “fireplaces”, we think of the traditional stone fireplaces of yesteryear, with the traditional oak beam topping the hearth, still pegged in the old-fashioned way, assembled using mortise and tenon joints. Seguin maintains the tradition and offers you a wide collection, as well as the possibility of modifying or custom-building your fireplace.


Traditional wood-burning fireplaces to enhance your interior

Topped with stone, granite or marble shelves, often with mouldings, our Classiques fireplaces reflect the timeless, statuesque aesthetic of Châtelaines fireplaces. Topped with a trumeau or knick-knacks, elegance remains the watchword.

Classic, uncluttered stone fireplaces bring a touch of sobriety and luxury to your living space.


Rustic and traditional fireplaces, the charm of your childhood

Seguin’s authentic fireplaces are a real charm for your home. Relive the best winters of your childhood, snuggled up next to the fireplace. Seguin stone fireplaces are made from Gard stone, Cévennes briquettes and solid oak.

Your authentic fireplace is the soul of your home. Take full advantage of the warmth of the