Wood inserts

You’d like to keep your old fireplace but improve its performance and heating economy.

Convert your old fireplace into a closed hearth with our wide choice of wood-burning inserts.

There’s no need to do a lot of work, as our inserts are designed to be adapted to the dimensions of your fireplace.

Don’t wait any longer, and discover the many models of wood-burning inserts from SEGUIN and our trusted brand HWAM.

Selection Guide

Wood inserts, ideal for renovation work

Discover our range of inserts for modifying an existing fireplace. There’s no need to break up and change everything. Seguin also offers pellet inserts.

With Seguin inserts, all you have to do is choose the insert that suits your needs and simply install it in your existing fireplace.


Wood inserts: performance and efficiency

When you have an old fireplace with an irresistible cachet, performance and efficiency are always possible by choosing a wood-burning insert benefiting from the very latest advances from the Seguin Group.

Do you love your fireplace but its performance is no longer top-notch? Thanks to Seguin wood inserts, you can give a second life to your beautiful fireplace.

Thanks to our wood inserts, you can save on heating costs thanks to an efficiency of up to 75%!


Customise your fireplace with a wood-burning insert

Our wide range of wood-burning inserts lets you choose a single-sided or double-sided insert, for even more customisation.

You can also personalise your wood-burning insert if you don’t want to keep your existing fireplace.

Thanks to our wide range of benches, you can compose the elements of your fireplace. Metal bench, wooden bench, with or without a storage unit, your wood-burning insert can be dressed up as you wish.