Cast iron fireboxes

Performance guaranteed for 10 years

Discover our cast iron fireboxes. With over 40 years’ experience, we offer fireboxes with unrivalled performance.

Heavier than steel, our cast-iron fireboxes release even more heat, so you can save even more on your heating bills.

So don’t wait any longer and enjoy the warmth of the flame!

Selection Guide

With a 10-year guarantee, Seguin cast iron closed fireplaces are a market benchmark, offering excellent heating comfort, a beautiful view of the wood fire and genuine long-term reliability.


Reliability and performance


The elements of our cast iron fireboxes are cast from new cast iron, 8 to 12 mm thick. This ensures reliability, heating power and robustness. It also means we can offer a 10-year guarantee.

Cast iron fireboxes are most often used for large heating requirements. Thanks to their high output, performance and reliability, they are your best bet. The increasingly modern and designer finishes mean that they blend in perfectly with your living space and decor. Your cast iron fireplace will also help you save on wood thanks to its high output.

The use of a cast iron fireboxe is perfectly suited to your needs. If you have a large house and you want to heat several rooms with your cast iron fireplace. Thanks to the possibility of distributing the hot air stored in the fireplace, your cast iron fireplace will be your best heating asset.


Noble materials


Closed fireplaces made from new cast iron, a noble material from the best foundries, they thumb their noses at programmed obsolescence and guarantee incomparable comfort for many years to come.


IHS technology


Cast iron fireboxes equipped with IHS technology allow you to regulate the temperature of your heating. You can even use your cast iron fireboxe as your main heating system if you have a passive or RT2012 house.