Contemporary stoves

Resolutely contemporary wood heating.

Resolutely contemporary wood heating.
Discover our designer wood-burning stoves and enjoy the warmth of wood in a modern, elegant design.

Available free-standing, suspended or built-in, our wood-burning stoves will meet all your needs in a unique style!

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Designer wood-burning stoves: warmth and modernity

Our range of designer wood-burning stoves includes many models, each more modern than the last. With their contemporary design, wood-burning stoves are real decorative pieces, to be showcased in your living space.

Used primarily as a secondary or supplementary source of heat, but not exclusively, wood-burning stoves are also a fantastic decorative feature. Simple and increasingly practical, your wood-burning stove offers you heating in comfort mode.

With its contemporary design, it will blend in perfectly with your décor and bring a modern touch to your home.


Wood, a renewable heating energy

To reduce heat loss and increase efficiency, individual wood-burning appliances have undergone major advances and innovations in recent years. Wood-burning stoves are equipped with “double combustion”. This allows the smoke from the primary combustion of wood to be re-burnt, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The cost of wood as a heating energy source is the lowest per kWh.