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Manifeste Seguin
A story of flame and emotions

We have a heart to live with you a history of flame…

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Le chauffage au bois, des vertus insoupçonnées
Heating with wood, unsuspected virtues? The Scandinavian lesson.

You may not know it, but heating with wood has real virtues. Discover them now!

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If you choose a member from SEGUIN network for your installation, you can benefit from a real know- how to make, because all of our partners are recognized as professionals. They regularly have training in our training center. They are all considered RGE,  qualification qualibois holder.

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A corporate Citizen

The company is a benefactor partner of the fund-raising event Let’s plant for the Future whose objective is to accelerate the planting of trees in France. France has an exceptional forest heritage, which grows, but is not enough renewed. Our forest grows old and is split: many plots of land are not maintained for lack of money. France doesn’t transplants enough: 5 times less that Germany and 12 times less that Poland. Let’s plant for the future was created to accelerate the plantation: 200 000 trees were planted the last 12 months and the fund has the goal to reach 1 million plants in 2017 and 10 millions in 2025.

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