Authentic stoves

Stoves with an authentic, traditional design, but a resolutely modern way of working.

If you’re looking for authenticity in your home, discover our wood-burning stoves with their authentic, traditional design.

With their distinctive design and remarkable view of the flame, these stoves are real eye-catchers.

With wood burning, your stove will be authentic in a traditional style!

Selection Guide

Traditional wood-burning stoves with modern features

Our range of authentic, traditional wood-burning stoves includes many models. With their authentic, traditional design, these stoves are real decorative pieces.

Used mainly as a secondary or supplementary source of heat, but not only, they are also a fantastic decorative element. Simple and increasingly practical, your traditional stove offers you heating in comfort mode.

With its authentic design, it will blend in perfectly with your decor and add a great deal of charm to your home.


Wood, a renewable heating source for traditional stoves

To reduce heat loss and increase efficiency, individual wood-burning appliances have undergone major advances and innovations in recent years. These traditional stoves are equipped with “double combustion”. This allows the smoke from the primary combustion of wood to be re-burnt, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The cost of wood as a heating energy source is the lowest per kWh.