The fireplace AMARANTE


Réf : C01A24

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Association of raw materials, reflections of modernity and a game of perspectives. The AMARANTE fireplace creates contrast by playing with the different volumes of the base and the hood. Recreate a perfect game of geometry in your interior.

acier rouilleardoise noirebeton lisseblanc givrecouche dargentgranit effet cuirgranit jaune multicolorgranit noir antiquegranit noir poligranit royal cachemiremarbres okeanos mouchetemarbre carraremarbre chocolatmarbre fjordmarbre gris exotiquemarbre marfilmarbre noir marquinamarbre vert guatemalamarbre wengenoir texture
Technical information Générales
  • Size : L 243,5 x P 52 23 x H 86,5 cm

Front fireplace. Marble Fjord base and ceramic Rusty Steel framework. Model presented with firebox FAS 120 3V.