The stove HWAM 3760


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Hwam's 37 series stoves (models 3740 and 3760) allow you to customise your stove in terms of design, choice of finish, colour and handle, as well as regulation and smoke outlet. Choose the design to suit your interior. Also available in IHS SmartControl version.

Available in several :

Finishes: Classic or modern
Colours: Black or Grey
Handles: Traditional, Design Black or Stainless Steel
Controls: Autopilot or IHS SmartControl
Outputs: Horizontal or Vertical

Finitions disponibles
peinture grisepeinture noire
Technical information Générales
  • Smoke outlet : Ø 15 cm H ou V
  • Weight : 113 kg
  • Size logs : 30 cm
  • Size : L49,9 x P37,5 x H125,4 cm
Type de contrôle de régulation
Régulation électronique
  • Nominal output : 4,5 kW
  • Efficiency : 83,4 %