The stove MIRO 5

Réf : PWMIR5

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The Miro5 wood-burning stove, in black steel, is part of the Wiking range developed by Hwam. Characterised by very good performance and a simple but perfect finish, it is both economical and simple to use, thanks in particular to the double-leaf spring system that expands as the stove heats up, limiting the supply of primary air. It is therefore equipped with automatic regulation, with no need for manual action. It also offers a high level of autonomy thanks to its heat storage option, enabling it to function like a masonry heater, releasing heat for up to 17 hours. Like the rest of the range, it comes with a 5-year guarantee on the heating element.
The stove MIRO 5 Technical information


  • Weight : 94 kg
  • Max logs size : 30 cm
  • Double combustion : Yes
  • Size : L46,8 x P35,6 x H131,4 cm

Type de contrôle de régulation

Régulation mécanique
  • Mechanical seasonal energy efficiency : 68 %
  • Nominal output : 4,9 kW
  • CO Rate : 0,09 %
  • Particles emission (mg/Nm3) : 18 mg/Nm3
  • Efficiency : 78 %