Customisation at the heart of SPEETBOX by STARCK®

Speeta : The Speetbox, an innovative and high-performance wood-burning stove.

SPEETBOX by STARCK heating furniture revolves around an airtight wood-burning stove. Fitted with a steel hearth, the Speeta brand wood stove has been designed to operate with or without electricity.

The SPEEDBOOSTER electronic start system helps light or relight the fire, thanks to a fan blowing under the embers. The electronic control of the air inlets and the automatic blowing in the accumulator boxes allow a modulation of the output and an optimization of the heat delivery.

Customisation at the heart of SPEETBOX by STARCK®.

The collection also consists of cubic modules (50x50x50 cm) which, associated with the Speeta wood-burning stove, provide accumulation and / or storage.

Application Speetbox by STARCK® from Speeta

The application is available on Android and iOS. It can be used to program and remotely monitor the room temperature. You can also control the hot air distribution and combustion speed.

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