The use of a firebox or an insert

The use of a firebox or an insert

The 1st ignition must be made after the drying of the fireplace (between 3 and 4 weeks).

Put in functioning:

– Put some kindling with some paper as newspaper (no glazed paper).

– The ideal is to make the ignition with “allume feu” conceived for fireplaces (for optimized safety). Banish methylated spirits, gasoline and other flammable substances.

– Put two logs crossed in order to let fresh air circulates in the firebox for a better combustion.

– Leave in full flame approximately 30 to 45 minutes so that the firebox rises well in temperature and to obtain a sufficient heat for its distribution through the warm air grids. A firebox is a dynamic appliance, it is thus necessary to feed it regularly, logs by logs, in order to keep a constant heat in the rooms.
To avoid rapid bistre on the glasses, we recommend putting logs towards the back of the firebox. Furthermore, the cast iron being situated at the back, you optimize the heat efficiency of the wood and get back more heat.
Clean the glass only with adapted products in order not to damage the vitroceramic glass. Do not use too aggressive products such as cleaners for your oven. If you need to open the door when the firebox is functioning, no concerns! The adjustable safety valve opens automatically, allowing the smoke to escape in the flue, and not to be released inside the room. The longevity and the efficiency of your firebox are directly linked to the quality of the wood.
 Several criteria are to be taken into account: – Use oak, beech or hornbeam (important heating value).

– From 15 to 20 % of humidity

– Drying period from 18 to 36 months Chimney sweeping is compulsory twice a year, once in the course of season and once at the end of season (DTU on 24-1 and DTU on 24-2). It must, as possible, be made through the top to avoid any soot cap which would risk starting a fire.
 Never use logs for chimney sweeping (release too much heat at one time).
For the maintenance of your flue, we recommend to use powder for chimney sweeping once a week (it largely limits the formation of soot cap). After every season, we recommend to clean your firebox with a wire-haired brush and to pass a bomb spray of colour resistant to high temperature. Two advantages: better protect it from thermal shocks for the next season and give it a new aspect.