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Have a wood heater installed

You have not chosen your future fireplace or your future woodstove yet? But, you wonder how to get your wood-burning stove installed? We have answers to all your questions!

The choice of your device

To choose the ideal wood-burning appliance for you, it must be done with the help of a recognized professional. Beyond the accompaniment in the choice of your device and sews equipment, the recognized professional will follow your project during all its duration. His help and know-how will be welcome in all stages of your project:

• The choice of your device and its equipment

• The sizing of your device

• Installation

• The guarantee of your installation

• The reception of the site

To have your wood-burning appliance installed, you must surround yourself with professionals.

The sizing of your device

When choosing your wood burning appliance, it is imperative to determine the power taking into account the volume to be heated and the insulation of the home.

If sizing is not done properly, this can result in two things:

• An undersized appliance: Your wood heater will not provide you with the necessary comfort.

• Oversized appliance: Your wood heating will incur extra costs in use, as well as overconsumption of fuel, increased clogging and malfunction.

The positioning of the heater in your home is also very important.

The guarantee of your installation

Strict rules are established regarding the flue. The quality of the print is essential for the proper functioning of your chimney or your wood stove. It depends on the connection to the duct and the characteristics of the duct. To avoid malfunctions and prevent risks, it is very important that your device and its set is installed by a professional, who by his experience and qualifications will size the duct and ensure its installation in the safety rules (safety distance …)

If there is a problem, your insurance may not cover you if the installation has not been done by a licensed professional.

Source: Flamme Verte