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The technique to light your wood fire

There is a top-down ignition technique. Easy to implement, this technique to light your fire will allow you to always succeed your fire.

Phase 1 :

Place the logs in your stove or chimney, while respecting the loads described in the instructions for use of your appliance. Logs must be split and dry (less than 20% moisture).

Phase 2:

Add 2 or 3 layers of kindling wood to the logs in one direction and the other. Air circulation is important. So be sure to leave about 1 cm between each log. The kindling must not be too big.

Phase 3:

Place 2 ignition briquettes, or fire lighters, over the firewood.

Phase 4:

Light the fire starter and close the door of your fireplace or stove. On large fireplaces, the door may be left ajar to prevent condensation.

The technique to light your fire is infallible and will simplify your life!

Top-down ignition technique

Source: Flamme Verte