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Heating better, cheaper

Heating accounts for 66% of your home’s energy consumption. And you do not know how to enjoy optimal comfort without penalizing your budget? Here are some tips for heating better, cheaper:

Have a heating at the top of the performance

Insulation of your home: a priority

A well-insulated home will allow you to better retain heat. Less energy consumed in heating means a smaller bill. The insulation of your home will also allow you an optimal comfort in terms of heating: you will not have the effect of cold walls and movements of air. You will not need to increase your heater again and again!

Improve your central heating

To improve your central heating, you can intervene on several levels: from the boiler to the emitters.

A first step is to isolate the hot water distribution systems: insulate the pipes and thus limit the heat loss and improve the protection against frost.

A second step is to heat the bathroom only when you use it.

A final step is to install regulation and programming by installing thermostatic valves on the radiators. This adjusts the temperature according to your needs.

Change your boiler

If your boiler is older than 15, have it replaced by a high efficiency boiler. Replacing your oil or gas boiler with pellet boilers, which are very easy to install, and you will save energy and money.

Change your electric radiators

For an even better winter, opt for wood heating. If your radiators are too old and it’s time to change them, do not hesitate and give yourself a fireplace or a wood stove. Thanks to its high efficiency, it will be your best ally.

Opt for wood heating

The performance of wood burning appliances continues to evolve to meet your needs. And moreover, wood is a renewable energy!

Source : ADEME