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How to choose a design fireplace?

The chimney is no longer simply a heating element. The design fireplace is coming more and more into our interiors, as a decorative element and symbol of conviviality. Discover how to choose a design fireplace?

What will be the use of your fireplace?

How would you like to use your design fireplace? Will it serve as the main heating, auxiliary heating or will it be purely aesthetic?

For use as a main or auxiliary heater, choose a closed fireplace. The closed fireplace provides a better efficiency (between 70 and 80%).

For use as a decorative fireplace, choose an open fire for a fire camp spirit. The open fire will have a much lower efficiency (between 20 and 40%).

Which fuel to choose for your chimney?

The choice of fuel is decisive in the choice of your design fireplace. There are two choices: wood logs or gas.

The wood fireplace is the most economical and traditional solution. However, it takes space to store the wood and perform regular cleanings.

The gas fireplace design offers the magic of instant flame. It offers all the advantages of a wood fireplace: conviviality, flames, heat, performance, … Accompanied by ceramic logs, the fire is close to a log fire. Wood storage and excessive cleaning are no longer necessary.

Key points to remember when choosing a design fireplace

• The desired use

• The choice of the type of hearth

• The choice of your fuel