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How to get your supplies of fuel?

Fueling is always a headache for owners of fireplaces or stoves. Discover our tips and simplify your life!

Give priority to labeled and natural wood

Wood is a renewable, CO2-neutral fuel only if it comes from a sustainably managed forest. To ensure that the wood you buy meets this requirement, internationally recognized certification marks have been developed. The most common: FSC and PEFC.

The best wood you can use in your fireplace or stove is wood that is not treated. Waste wood construction, old furniture, painted wood, varnish or impregnated … are to be prohibited imperatively. That is why the ideal wood will be the one that will be natural and cut to the right size for your fireplace.

How to get fuel easily (wood or pellets)?

The Woodstock company is the guarantee of a wood heating without constraint! Whether you heat with wood or pellets, Woodstock® products are available in any season. Thus, you will inevitably find your happiness!

Woodstock® wood fuels are delivered to your door at a bargain price. In addition, they offer you a quality mastered and French manufacturing.

Delivered on a pallet, granulated bags, log bags cut to the right size or densified bags of wood are ideal for simplifying your life! No longer worry about your wood supply, just enjoy the pleasure of your fire!