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What to choose based on your lifestyle?

How to choose the ideal heater for your lifestyle?

This is The question when you decide to buy a heater. Depending on your way of life, how you occupy the house and how long you stay, you will not choose the same device. For example, you can choose a device that will deliver a gentle warmth all day, or a device that will heat quickly in the morning and evening. You can decide to remotely control your heater or not. Many products available to you, but how to choose?

Wood stove or pellet stoves?

Wood-burning stoves Pellet stoves
Heating use Temporary use Non-stop use
Kind of heat Limited heat on surface,
but quick and
Sweet and homogeneous heating on a big surface
Autonomy 4 hours (quick combustion of the logs) 48 hours (pellet tank)
Fuel price 3 to 3.5 cts per kWh PCI 4.5 to 6.5 per kWh PCI
Fuel storage Possible outdoor, on
palette, under an airy and ventilated shelter
In bags sheltered from
moisture, inside
Maintenance Sweeping 2 times / year Every 2 years (by a
Regulation of the
Desired temperature
Mobile App No Remote control
Programming No Programming of the heating periods
Connected to electricity No Yes

Advantages and disadvantages

Depending on your lifestyle, you must choose between wood or pellets. The choice is not obvious because both fuels have serious advantages. Indeed, the wood stove has an economic advantage, especially financial compared to its pellet counterpart. But, the pellet stove is more technologically advanced than its wood counterpart. It has more features, such as programming heating periods and temperature. Also, the pellet stove has a much greater autonomy than the wood stove.

Whatever your lifestyle, the Seguin Group will have the ideal solution for you!