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Have your chimney swept

When to have your chimney swept?

Having the ducts swept from the chimney is a legal obligation, which is imposed by the Departmental Sanitary Regulations Type (RSDT). You must have the flue of your fireplace or stove swept twice a year.

It is better to have the chimney flues swept before the use period and during the period of use. It must imperatively be done by a professional. He will issue a certificate of sweeping.

In addition, chimney sweeping may be required by your city council or your insurance company. The sweeping certificate will cover you close to your insurance in the event of an accident.

Why have a chimney swept?

If you don’t sweep ducts it can cause many risks. But also, it brings you benefits.

Indeed, by having swept the ducts of its wood stove, it is possible to fight against pollution, reducing toxic fumes.

And most importantly, you will avoid wasting energy. Simply because the deposits in the ducts lead to overconsumption of fuel.

How to have your chimney swept?

Manual sweeping is done by a certified professional. He will pass a chimney brush in the ducts to clean and unstick the deposits.

The chemical sweeping is done directly by the user. Just burn a chimney log in your chimney. Chemical sweeping is a solution to carry out a 3rd annual sweeping.

Thanks to sweeping, prevent the risk of accidents, improve the performance of your fireplace and save money!