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Heating with wood, unsuspected virtues! The Scandinavian lesson.

It is known that Scandinavians have a very developed culture of heating with wood. For example, in Norway, there is more than one wood stove per house. The Scandinavian market, and more precisely in Denmark, is today among the most dynamic in Europe with industrial players of reference.

This culture of wood heating has long allowed them to have a head start on certain uses: lighting the fire from above (called “reverse”), use of small logs (the standard is rather on 30 cm logs) …

And at the same time, we know our Danish cousins (let’s allow ourselves a little familiarity since HWAM is now part of the SEGUIN Group) and their strong sensitivity to hygge: a typically Danish word, which evokes a warm atmosphere as well as enjoying the beautiful things of life with the people we love.

Sitting down with friends to chat is hygge; lighting a candle is hygge, and of course, lighting your wood stove in the dead of winter is completely hygge.

1/ Being very hot at a specific point

At a time when thermal regulations require the design of houses where the temperature must be homogeneous everywhere to the nearest degree, this may seem backward, but if you think about it, it is very coherent. There is no point in having 22° everywhere in a house, especially if you are active (and even less if you sleep under a good comforter).

On the other hand, if you start to feel cold, if you come back from a very wintry outside or if you are in a static position to work or watch TV, then sometimes you need to get closer to a hot spot at more than 22°.

A house at 18 or 19°, but with a wood stove that raises the temperature to 25° nearby in the living room, is in fact the ideal winter balance.

2/ Wood heating, winter light therapy

In Scandinavia, winter days are very short and sometimes amount to a few grey hours. In the age of LED lamps and slightly cold lights, virtuous in energy consumption, the particularly warm light of the wood fire is the best source of balance for our needs in natural light in winter.

Indeed, the beauty of the flame has something warm, hypnotic, it is the perfect natural treatment to drive away the winter seasonal depression.

3/ The contemplative virtues

It is undeniable that we feel better when we have had the chance, during the day, to contemplate a natural phenomenon for at least a few minutes. Everyone has experienced this: seeing an animal, watching the snow fall, a river flow or the waves crashing on a beach, immediately changes your balance and brings a little serenity. The flames of a wood fire play this role perfectly; put off watching the latest series for a few minutes and take the time to watch the flames of your wood stove dance, it’s well worth a few sessions of psychology or yoga latest trend!

Warmth, light and contemplation: it’s logical, full of common sense, and yet we had somewhat forgotten it, very much oriented on the ecological, economical and energetic aspects of our business, which are certainly very important too. But if at SEGUIN we put customer orientation at the center, then realizing that it is above all to you that we do good, what a great source of motivation to continue!