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The 2 companies SEGUIN (France) and HWAM (Denmark) have created a common company to implement and operate a new system for wood appliances: IHS SMARTCONTROL (former Autopilot Intelligent Heat System), which allows the automatic regulation of the appliance thanks to a remote control. 5000 hours of testing had been required and had been jointly carried out with the Copenhagen University in order to develop this fantastic innovation for the heating comfort, the daily use and the environment.

The IHS SmartControl system allows increasing by 17% the efficiency, decreasing by 50% the wood consumption and reducing the particles’ emissions in the atmosphere… and this while being able to regulate at the required temperature.

The principle lies on a probe which analyses in real-time the components of the smokes during the combustion and automatically opens and closes consequently the different air intakes. The fire speed is then permanently optimum.

In practice, the remote control serves as a thermostat and allows the appliance to adjust its speed to reach the required ambient temperature, while continuing to control the emissions.

The system detects when there’s not enough wood and emits a signal to load wood again. It’s easy, with the HIS SmartControl on SmartStoves, the appliance makes everything all alone.

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